Lamborghini is planning a revised version of the mighty Aventador and according to a trademark application, the model will be named Aventador S. The application was filed at the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office. 

As you can imagine, the name does not suggest another special version of the Aventador. And we can say this for sure because the Countach and the Miura also got the S letter after the facelift. 

The upcoming Lamborghini Aventador S will feature some interesting exterior modification, an upgrade cockpit and more power. The V12 6.5 liter engine will probably deliver 740 horsepower but there are some rumors that suggest we might see more than 750 horsepower. 

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The spy photographers have managed to take some shots with a camouflaged Aventador but we can’t tell you for sure if the Aventador S will be officially revealed during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The update to the Aventador introduced in 2011 would give the model a new lease on life for another few years. 

Source: AutoGuide