Koenigsegg has officially unveiled the all-new CC850 model. The car looks almost identical to the old CC8S, but the technical parts are completely new.

Under the hood of the car is a V8 5.0-liter which can deliver 1,385 horsepower when using E85 fuel. On normal gasoline, the power drops to 1,185 horsepower, while the maximum torque is 1,385 Nm.

The engine’s resources are sent to the rear wheels via a manual transmission with nine speeds. But there is a catch. Depending on the driving mode you are running, you can access six of the nine speeds available. Also, the transmission has an automatic mode in which all nine gears are selected. Don’t bother to understand how it works. You only have to remember that Koenigsegg did another premiere in the automotive world with this transmission.

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The CC850 was developed to mark 20 years since the launch of the CC8S and 50 years since Christian von Koenigsegg’s birthday. As a result, the new model will be produced in just 50 units. Pricing and availability¬†will be announced later.