Kia will use the 2012 Chicago Auto Show as the place for the unveiling of the new Track-ster Concept. For now the Korean company has only published a sketched teaser with this three-door hatch reportedly based on the Soul, but we only have a week left before we find out what this vehicle is all about, once the show will open its doors.
Characterised as a sportier representation of the Soul, the Track’ster features a low roof line and dynamic lines that will most likely point o a new direction in terms of design for Kia.
There are no words on the Track’ster’s propulsion system at this point, or weather or not this thing will go into production, but if it does, we expected it to be fitted with the same 1.6-litre turbocharged engine currently available in the Veloster Turbo. We’re talking about the 1.6-litre unit capable of delivering 208 HP (155 kW) and 195 lb-ft (265 Nm) of peak torque. 

Source: Kia