Kahn Design has published some teaser pictures with a six-wheeled Land Rover Defender. In case you wanted a Mercedes-Mybach G650 Landaulet and you haven’t manged to get one, this is your chance. 

The name of the model is pretty simple: lying Huntsman 6×6 Soft Top and it will come soon in a real form. 

As you may have read, this isn’t the first time when Kahn Design decided to deliver a 6×6 car inspired by Mercedes-Benz. A few years ago, the British tuning firm came with the original Flying Huntsman.

Under the hood of the Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman by Kahn Design is a V8 6.2 liter engine singed by GM that can generate 430 horsepower. All this amount of power sent to the wheels via an automatic six-speed transmission. According to Kahn Design, their concept comes with a hi-lo ratio drive system, with locking differentials and with an improved suspensions.