The Internet is slowly killing the auto shows. Why? Because more car manufacturers are investing their money in social media campaigns and not in auto show. According to a recent report, Nissan, Infiniti, Fiat, Jeep and even Alfa Romeo will skip the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. 

But for now we don’t have reasons to panic. IAA organizers said that despite some car manufacturers deciding against attending this year, more than 50 brands are planning to come in Frankfurt this fall. 

"Naturally we regret when individual exhibitors will not be in Frankfurt this time. The reasons are varying and each specific to the company, but mainly connected to financial or corporate policies. These exhibitors however have all spoken out in favor of strong automotive trade shows and are open to returning in the future", stated VDA managing director, Klaus Braeunig. 

"Moving forward, we will adopt a flexible strategy using a combination of automotive, consumer and dedicated Nissan events and partnerships to broaden our reach and appeal among influencers and wider consumers," stated a Nissan Europe spokesperson.