It is a very important year for Jeep as the US brand will celebrate 75 years since it was first established. Considering this respectable age, it will be a very full year for Jeep, who will benefit from Italian adevertising, being part of the FCA Group. And who knows better ti impress when it comes to commercials?

The celebrations will starts with two new distinct videos launched during the Super Bowl 50 broadcast that recognize the brand milestone, both paying tribute to its legacy and looking ahead to its future.

The first 60 seconds video called “Portraits” is a nod to the past, an acknowledgment to the many people, faces and moments that have shaped the history of the brand beginning in 1941.

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“Portraits” uses more than 60 carefully curated images from around the world, including famous icons (Marilyn Monroe, Jeff Goldblum, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Jones, Steve McQueen, Amelia Earhart) and pop culture moments (“Jurassic Park,” “The Terminator”), linked together with iconic Jeep vehicles.

If “Portraits” pays homage to the brand’s past and the people who have formed it, the 60 seconds video “4x4ever” is all about the future. In a custom music track created specifically for the brand and performed by Sony Music artist Morgan Dorr, “4x4ever” brings to life in song the idea that 4×4 goes beyond solely representing those who blaze the Trails of the Rubicon and Moab to living a life that is without boundaries.

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