One of the most fanatic BMW M fans in the world, Masakuni Hosobuchi, the chairman of BMW Club Japan, managed to complete its collection of M cars with a new addition.
It is a completely restore 1979 BMW M1 Procar, that was restored by BMW Group Classic specialists. The BMW M1 Procar “Yes to the Nurburgring” edition is based on Hosobuchi ideas, with some painted sections from the famous Nurburgring circuit.
Hosobuchi had an opportunity to test the working condition of the car on site. With an inimitable sound, he started the sports car’s mid-engine and then drove several victory laps on the “Premiere” platform to the applause of numerous visitors.
Currently, Hosobuchi owns a unit of every M car on the market, and the M1 Procar is in top of the list. The old M1 was capable of reaching 260 km/h (161 mph) thanks to a 3.5 engine, delivering 277 hp.
In 1979 and 1980, a racing series preceding the Formula One events was held specifically for the BMW M1. The fastest Formula One pilots of the day, such as Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet used the car.  Nelson Piquet and Hans-Joachim Stuck drove this car to the class win and third overall in the 1,000-km race at the Nordschleife in 1980.
“BMWs are my passion and the Procar sure gets a place of honor in my collection,” Hosobushi commented. “It was very important to me, the vehicle after years of racing reproduce its former glory. And who could have done this better than the manufacturers themselves. It also gives me great pleasure that I can take reception of this car in the BMW Welt between all the new cars.”