James May
has revealed in his Sunday Times column that he recently bought a brand-new Ferrari 458 Speciale. "I’ve ordered the last one – all I need is a job to pay for it", said James May.
He bought the 458 Speciale for 208,090 GBP at the moment when Top Gear trio was about to sign a new three-year deal with the guys from BBC. Unfortunately, the deal was never completed so May is in big trouble. Or not, because he has a lot of money and he can afford to pay for his brand new car. 
According to May the 458 Speciale was a way to celebrate the new three-year deal. Speaking about Top Gear, he said nobody knows what will happen with the famous TV show and he also can’t say what the future will reserve to him. 
"The three of us may be reunited on screen, we may go our separate ways, or we may disappear from the television altogether and each assume a place, alone, in the corner of a pub where any unsuspecting passing drinker who strays into an exclusion zone studiously avoided by the locals will be subjected to a predictable", added James May.

Source: SundayTimes