In order to better promote its vehicles in its home market, Jaguar decided to create a futuristic installation that is capable of attracting the large public. 

The team, led by Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum, revealed their laser-powered display at the inaugural London Design Biennale, a three-week event at Somerset House.

Jaguar is partner of the exhibition and is presenting a futuristic vehicle silhouette, with laser displays to tell the compelling story of its past, present and future. Visitors will look at the brand’s design history, seeing Jaguar push the boundaries of automotive design with motorsport glory at Le Mans and legendary designs such as the E-Type.

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They will then see today’s cars, with a laser-powered light show to present the new designs of modern Jaguars. After that comes the ‘gallery of the future’, which traces a path through a changing world that poses challenges for automotive design, taking in autonomous technology and issues of health and wellbeing.

The installation culminates with a laser sculpture showing Callum’s take on what a vehicle of a utopian future could look like.

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar, said: “We are really excited to reveal our installation for the London Design Biennale and show visitors at Somerset House what a utopian future looks like to us at Jaguar.