Johan de Nysschen, Infiniti’s president, told in an interview for Automotive News that his company wants to launch a new performance sub-brand. The upcoming sub-brand is set to tackle the BMW M and Mercedes AMG and will consist of high-end performance cars that take no prisoners. 

Furthermore, he added that not every single model will necessary get a performance version but he needs a legitimate performance brand. 

"IPL [Infiniti Performance Line] is there, but it’s by no means a fait accompli (an accomplished fact) that it will be the nomenclature for the [new] performance brand for Infiniti. The decision is completely open", added Infiniti Americas Vice President Michael Bartsch. 

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As a reminder, in 2010, Infiniti has launched the IPL G Coupe. The model features a sport-tuned suspension, high performance brakes and an updated engine.

Source: Auto Express