Infiniti will use 2015 Detroit Motor Show to unveil a brand new concept, set to anticipate a long-awaited replacement for the current G-Series.
The concept will feature the new design philosophy of the brand and will be very close to the production version of the G-Series sedan. In fact, we have to get use to call the replacement Q60, as Infiniti changed is naming strategy, in order to make it more clear. In our opinion they have made it harder to understand for the public at large.
Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti’s executive design director, confirmed the launch of the concept during Detroit Motor Show and also stated that the car will be very close to what we will see on the street.
Albaisa also rejected the rumors that said the Q60 had to be redesigned several times as Johan de Nysschen, former Infiniti boss, did not agree with the ideas sourced by the design department.
“When you have a transparent relationship with the big boss, nothing gets sent back because he’s never too far from the process. That was the benefit of working with him,” said Albaisa. 
The design director also confirmed that the new Q30 compact car, set to be revealed also next year, will be very similar to the concept we saw last year, during Frankfurt Motor Show. Only the front end will suffer some minor redesign.