Infiniti has started promoting the M Hybrid, and the video below is the first ad from a new campaign which wants to change consumers perception into thinking that hybrids are not boring.

Are we have to agree, because something that packs 360 HP and returns 32 mpg, in this case called the Infiniti M Hybrid will hardly be something else than enjoyable. The ad takes us more than 100 years back in time, when the hybrid patent came to life, then goes through the hybrids of 70’s and reaches modern time, and underlines the M Hybrid’s powerful yet efficient powering system. This system is composed from a  3.5-litre V6 and an electric motor backed by a battery pack.

Of-course this being a commercial airing in the US, one of the competitors, in this case the Lexus GS Hybrid had to be put into the shade.

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Infiniti press release :
Infiniti Challenges the Notion of What a Hybrid Should Be with the Launch of the Infiniti M Hybrid (Video)

– New Advertising Campaign Focuses on the 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid, the Only Vehicle to Offer 360 Horsepower and 32 MPG –

Infiniti announces its first high performance hybrid in bold style. In a new ad campaign that challenges the conventional notion of what a hybrid can be, Infiniti takes viewers on a journey through the history of hybrids, starting over 100 years ago with the invention of the first hybrid car in 1888, to the hybrid patent in 1909, through the hybrids of the ‘70s and on to hybrids today – directly challenging the notion that you can’t have great performance and great fuel economy.

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With a fully integrated campaign, Infiniti is boldly challenging consumer perception that hybrids are boring. To drive this point home, Henry Rollins, former frontman for the band Black Flag, is the voice of the campaign.

The 2012 Infiniti M hybrid is set to launch nationwide in spring 2011. The groundbreaking new vehicle features the all-new Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid™ system – a one-motor, two-clutch parallel hybrid system. The Infiniti M Hybrid is the only car in America that delivers 360 horsepower and 32 miles-per-gallon.

“The new Infiniti M Hybrid provides the same level of luxury and performance as the rest of our lineup and builds on the strengths Infiniti has always been known for,” said Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore. “Style, luxury and performance will always be the cornerstone of everything Infiniti does.”

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The spots begin airing on March 17th during NCAA® March Madness®. Infiniti is a corporate partner of the NCAA, and specifically of NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball. This is the second year Infiniti will have a large brand presence in the tournament.

Infiniti will have over 100 spots across all four networks, including the Men’s Final Four®. In addition, Infiniti will also have custom vignettes and digital and social elements all surrounding March Madness.
The Infiniti M hybrid campaign was created by TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles and includes a total of four TV commercials, print and digital work.

Infiniti M Hybrid Commercial :

Source: Infiniti