Hyundai unveiled today the all new Veloster Midship Concept, during Busan Motor Show, the local auto salon, dedicated to South Koreean manufacturers.
The concept was developed by Hyundai Motor Company’s High Performance Team also responsible for the i20 WRC As its name suggest, the concept car has an engine that is located behind the occupants and within the wheelbase, offering ideal weight distribution and improving the handling.
The prototype uses a turbocharged 2.0-litre Theta GDI engine generating 220kW or 300 hp. To help control the amount of power, Hyundai also made use of a lightweight aluminium suspension, a high-rigidity chassis and, as we told you, a mid-engined layout.
Hyundai is just exploring the posibilities of Veloster chassis. This means it has no intent of prducing the car in any way.