We often hear about people who drove one million miles in some popular car. But we rarely hear about people who managed to drive on million miles in just five years. This is really impressive and has happened in US.

In just five years, a delivery driver from Olathe, Kansas drove her 2013 Elantra one million miles with the original powertrain. Farrah Haines is a Hyundai owner who drives about 200,000 miles a year delivering auto parts and products, far outpacing the 14,000 miles [1] of the average American driver. 

Since most digital odometers stop before one million, Hyundai joined her as she hit her epic milestone and presented her with the first-ever 1 Million Mile Emblem and added it to her odometer. The emblem is a genuine Hyundai part and is now available for the odometers of all million mile drivers.

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Taking things one step further, Hyundai wanted to thank Farrah for being such a dedicated owner by surprising her with a new 2019 Hyundai Elantra. Since she delivers auto parts and other products seven days a week, day and night, Hyundai decided to order her a surprise delivery. Farrah stopped by a local auto shop to drop off what she thought was an auto part but she was instead greeted by her friends, family, and her very own 2019 Elantra.