According to a recent report published by our colleagues from Auto Express, Honda is working on an all-electric sports car. The Japanese car manufacturer will use the electric Pikes Peak model as a base project.

According to the same sources, a road-going prototype has already been developed and it uses four electric motors, one for each wheel and a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery. 

For now, the power output is around 250 horsepower but the Japanese engineers are targeting 350 horsepower. According to Honda, the car is able to run from stand still to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, while the top speed will be around 210 km/h. 

With a single battery charge, the car will be able to run for about 400 kilometers. 

“We are making every possible effort to make it to the market. We now have to think about the commercial aspect,” a Honda insider told the magazine.

Source: Auto Express