Honda is offering its new Grace compact sedan on the Japanese market. The small four-door car is ready to tackle an overcrowded market with some intelligent space usage and an agile driving experience.
Cabin Space 
Built on a compact platform, the car can offer seating for five people, and, more than that, the cabin space for rear seat occupants comes close to that of the Accord Hybrid.
The 2014 Grace is equipped with Honda’s Sport Hybrid i-DCD that combines a 1.5L Atkinson cycle i-VTEC engine, 7-speed DCT with built-in high-output motor and the IPU with a built-in lithium-ion battery. With this powertrain, the all-new Grace can achieve a fuel economy of 34.4 km/L (80 mpg), which is the best among all hybrid sedan models in the market.
As a surprise for its local public and not only, the Grace can be offered with a 4WD system, improving traction in the cold season.
The equipment list includes air conditioning, including an outlet for the back seats, three sockets that can be used for charging a smart phone – one for front seat occupants and two for rear seat occupants, 8-speaker system that includes a total of four tweeters and 4-lamp LED headlights.

Source: Honda