A demonstration of force from Hamann at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show this year, as the German company wanted to prove that it represents one of the big players in the tuning industry by bringing no less than four customised vehicles based on the hottest new models in the Swiss Capital.
We already informed you about the other three models which are based on the SLS Roadster , the new M5 and the 3-door Evoque, so it is now time to talk about the fourth, which is named the ‘memoR’ and is based on the McLaren MP4-12C.
In this case the program consists from a wide-body treatment that makes the MP4-12C look more aggressive, with the tuner stating that their goal with this car was to reduce the number of concave surfaces, implement a number of GT3 and F1 specific features and create exciting light shade contrasts.
Some of these elements are also helping the car in terms of aerodynamics, like the massive splitter at the front.
As far as performance upgrades, Hamann did not specify anything, but they could be working on a program that will boost the MP4-12C’s output in order to match the vehicle’s new appearance.

Source: Hamann