Hamann will take the 2012 Geneva Motor Show by assault this year, with three custom creations out of which two we already mentioned: the Hawk Roadster and the upgrade program that enables the 2012 BMW M5 to spit out 720 HP.  
The third is an body kit for the Range Rover Evoque which is also accompanied by a 31 HP / 65 Nm of torque power boost program for the vehicle’s 2.2-litre diesel engine (petrol versions also get an extra 38 HP / 55 Nm).
The Hamann Range Rover Evoque body kit comprises from bulkier looking front and rear spoilers, which together with the wheel arch extensions and side sills are painted in a contrasting colour (it looks like white or light grey).
This 2-door Evoque has also received a set of 22 inch wheels and two, centrally positioned exhaust pipes which are integrated into the rear fascia.

Source: Hamann