Ken Block has returned with the new Gymkhana nine. This time, the American stunt driver is back in business in an industrial park. 

“I really wanted to bring Nine back to the core roots of my earlier Gymkhana videos. The full city takeovers are a ton of fun, but we felt it was time to get back to the basics, especially with the new Ford Focus RS RX. We really wanted to let it shine and be the star in this video since it has so much useable power and control”, Ken Block said.

The Focus RS RX has 600 horsepower and 894 Nm peak of torque and it was designed and built by World Rally Championship team M-Sport. But let’s get back to Gymkhana nine.

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The movie starts in the disused Central Terminal railway station in Buffalo and tours the industrial area of the city. But I think is enough. Press the play button.