White was the most popular color in 2016 across the Globe. Now, according to a Ford study, the UK market seems to prefer grey instead of white.

Grey is becoming the favourite shade of the nation- from ‘Granny hair’ to the car- as it becomes the most popular choice for Ford customers.

Grey isn’t just taking the fashion world by storm. It’s also the colour to be seen in when it comes to new cars, as the most popular choice for Ford customers in Europe, knocking white from the number one spot last year. But only just in UK, as we were saying. 

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The carmaker currently offers eight different shades of grey for customers in Europe, and has offered more than 50 shades of grey around the world since the early nineties.

“We identified grey as a ‘trend colour’– one that has a shorter lifespan than core paints developed around silver, black and white – but even we’re surprised at how popular it’s become,” said Julie Francis, Ford’s colour and material design manager. “Grey is a great untapped colour, offering new ways to be cool and different in the modern age and that makes it exciting and something people are prepared to pay extra for.”