Google Maps might soon be able to offer parking assistance. For now, the app is on an early beta update and also includes the ability to lock maps to face north all of the time, and a tweak to prevent some accidental swiping.

But as we previously reported, the app has some interesting code in it which was seen by the guys from Android Police. The body with the line of code, reading “PARKING_DIFFICULTY_EASY,” along with entries naming levels of difficulty appended where”EASY” is entered.

For now, the rest of the code did not reference any additional data for those difficulty levels, indicating its status as incomplete. As you would expect, in the beta versions, the developers often write little Easter Eggs in the main bodies so you can imagine what will be the next great thing in that app. 

Alternatively, speculation suggests that Google Maps could soon be able to recognize areas that are reported by users as difficult places to park.

Source: android police