The Essen Motor Show has always been known as an exhibition with a cast full of automotive superstars. This year, AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS is showcasing a series of extremely high performance record-breaking cars from November 30 to December 8, 2013. Among the exhibits at Stand A101 in Hall 3, the GEMBALLA GTP 700, based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo, is a particularly special highlight. 

Unlike many super sports cars, the 515 kW / 700 hp luxury sports car is a fully fledged daily driver and touring vehicle for up to four people.

The GTP 700 has already given an impressive demonstration of its capabilities as part of the "High Performance Event" in the Italian town of Nardò. The fastest test track in the world is famous for its top speed records, regularly playing host to showdowns between dream cars on behalf of AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS and Continental. We won’t reveal GEMBALLA’s exact performance figures just yet – the results will be available in the December 13 issue. Until then, visitors to the Essen Motor Show will be able to form a personal impression of this athlete.

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It bears mentioning that the four-door from Leonberg reported for its high-speed evaluation without any special modifications or preparations. Except for the performance tuning kit officially available from GEMBALLA and the weight-reduced light alloy wheels, the GTP 700 used corresponds to the standard configuration of a Panamera Turbo. However, customers who value an even more individual look can receive a special aerodynamics package as well as a bespoke interior on request.