Ford has officially unveiled a new teaser video which suggests a performance car which will be revealed on November 17th (with one day ahead of LA Auto Show).

For now we don’t know the name of the car but we do know it will come with an Alcantara wrapped steering wheel, alloy pedals and a high-performance engine. 

"Ford Performance and pushing the envelope with our technologies, with our capabilities, demonstrating that on the track or even off-road has been an important part of our DNA", said Ford Executive Vice President Joe Hinrichs.

The same feelings are also echoed by Ford CEO Mark Fields. "It’s very important for us to have the street creed to be able to back up what you see in your vehicles, in terms of performance, with actual results in how we do with racing around the world. We can compete with anybody and win", added Fields.

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According to rumors, the mysterious model will be the highly-anticipated Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

Source: Ford