After it made a nice entrance during this year Detroit Motor Show, Ford GT is now showcased in a special video. The images, filmed inside Ford Research and Development Center shows how the concept was born and what were the main ideas kept from the old model.
The supercar retains the classic design of the GT, but uses some clever lines to make it more contemporary. It also uses some special effects to impress, like the butterfly doors. Beginning production late next year, the GT hits the road in select global markets to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Ford GT.
The GT makes extensive use of lightweight materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber. Anchored by a carbon fiber passenger cell, the GT features aluminum rear and front subframes encapsulated in structural carbon fiber body panels.
The all-new GT supercar features mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, a and a aerodynamic, sleek, two-door coupe body shell. It is propelled by one of the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever – a next-generation twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 producing more than 600 horsepower.

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