The Blue Oval has released a trio of photos which show a prototype version of the new Ford Focus ST being tested for performance and driving dynamics.
Scheduled to enter the market in 2012 as a global performance car, the Ford Focus ST will extract power from a 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine producing 250 PS (246 HP) which will also be responsible for impressively low fuel consumption figures.
The automaker’s Team RS and SVT engineers are creating a fleet of around 60 prototypes which will undergo a ‘punishing regime’ of testing in both Europe and North America, in order to fine-tune the ST’s ride, steering and handling.
"We’ve done all the engineering groundwork, and now we’re using some of
the most demanding roads we can find in Europe and North America to
validate and fine tune the performance and driving dynamics."
Ford’s development team has recently completed cold weather testing with the ST in Europe, and has also done exacting tests and exercises to refine the steering. A focal point with the upcoming Ford Focus ST is to take the driver experience to the next level, and some of the measures that were taken to achieve that include driver oriented seats and the highly tuned Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS). 

Source: Ford