I know that you love hot-hatches. And this is why I decided to show you the Ford Fiesta ST modified by Mountune. As you already know, under the hood of the Blue Oval hot-hatch is a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine that can deliver 182 horsepower and 290 Nm peak of torque.

Ford has already revealed the Fiesta ST200 which comes with the same engine but this time it was tweaked to deliver 200 horsepower. Anyway. The guys from Mountune are not so happy with this and they have decided to come out with a special package for the small hot-hatch model. 

Named MR265, the performance kit comes with a new hybrid turbocharged, high-flow rear intake pipework, silicone hoses, a larger intercooler and other performance tweaks. As a result, the engine can offer 265 horsepower and 370 Nm peak of torque. 

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But the British guys from Mountune won’t stop here. They will come with a 280 horsepower version which means you have more power than in the Megane RS Trophy. Holly molly. 

Source: Mountune