Even though the new Ford Fiesta will not be officially out on the US market until next year, high performance Ford Fiesta Rallycross Car is already scheduled to debut this summer. The Ford Fiesta Rallycross Car will participate at the annual Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb on July 19 with drivers like four-time Swedish rally champion Andreas Eriksson and well known legend Marcus Gronholm driving the two Fiestas in the second oldest motor sports event in America.
The Ford Fiesta Rallycross Car is powered by a 2.0-liter Duratec engine that outputs an impressive 800 hp and we think that alone is reason enough to make you consider the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb this year.
The Ford Fiesta Rallycross car is based on both the Fiesta hatchback model road cars and has already scored its first victory in Portugal’s championship event this past month.

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Source: Ford