You’ve send the Taurus based Police car for which we’ve published details and photos a while back, and now Ford is introducing a second Police Interceptor vehicle, this time based on the 2011 Ford Explorer. 
The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor will uses the automaker’s 3.5-litre Ti-VCT V6 engine producing over 280 HP which will send power to the wheels via a 6-speed automatic gearbox, with both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions being available.
As you can imagine the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor has been adapted to meet Police officer’s everyday need with a priority put on safety and functionality, and some of the features include 18 inch wheels with vented brake discs, a  heavy-duty alternator, a larger radiator and a stiffer suspension.
The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor also features Fords SYNC system, the Blind Spot Information system, the Cross-traffic alert, rear view camera, and the Reverse Sensing system.
Ford press release :
Chicago, Sept. 1, 2010 – Ford Motor Company today revealed its
newest pursuit-rated vehicle – Ford’s first-ever specially designed
Police Interceptor utility built for the rigors of police work.
The new vehicle is designed to complement Ford’s all-new Police
Interceptor sedan, which was introduced earlier this year. Combined, the
two vehicles provide law enforcement agencies the ultimate in
versatility and choice, something no other police vehicle on the road
today can match.
“We understand today’s police departments require adaptability,”
said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Ford is committed
to remaining the nation’s largest provider of police vehicles, and
we’re offering law enforcement officials a complete portfolio of options
that are purpose-built, capable and delivered with the safety,
technology and performance they need to excel at their jobs.”
Ford, the police vehicle market leader for 15 years, developed both
Police Interceptors to allow departments to maximize versatility without
sacrificing quality. Both vehicles will debut simultaneously and be
offered without interruption when production of the Ford Crown Victoria
Police Interceptor ends in late 2011.
Meeting a spectrum of needs
With the introduction of its newest Police Interceptor, Ford now
provides a complete package of performance and capability designed to
meet the diverse and ever-increasing needs of law enforcement agencies
across the U.S.
Ford’s new Police Interceptor utility vehicle is equipped with the
highly efficient 3.5-liter V6 engine. This Ti-VCT engine, delivering at
least 280 horsepower and E85 compatibility, is mated to a unique
six-speed automatic transmission that combines lowered initial gears
for improved off-the-line acceleration and higher gearing for improved
efficiency at lower engine rpm when cruising. Two drivetrain options
are available, providing off-road capability teamed with a multipurpose
cargo area specially calibrated for loads up to 800 pounds.
Both the sedan and utility are rated for the severe-duty cycle that
police professionals undertake on a daily basis and will deliver at
least 20 percent more fuel efficiency than the 4.6-liter single overhead
cam (SOHC) V8 offered in the current Crown Victoria Police
Police input key to development
When developing the next-generation Police Interceptors, Ford worked
with its Police Advisory Board of law enforcement professionals to
provide input on key vehicle attributes such as safety, performance,
durability, driver convenience and comfort.
“The combination of both the sedan and utility versions of the
Police Interceptor allows Ford to deliver a complete, diverse and
efficient solution to all of law enforcements’ pursuit needs,” said Ken
Czubay, vice president of Marketing, Sales and Service. “These
vehicles were developed step-by-step with our valuable Police Advisory
Board, so we have had customer feedback throughout the development
process and provided an efficient solution for fleet managers.”
Keeping it safe
Like the sedan, the utility version of the Police Interceptor puts a
priority on safety. Continuing Ford’s safety leadership includes
engineering both Police Interceptors to pass 75-mph rear-end crash
testing. Currently, the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is the only
pursuit sedan to meet this test.
The Police Interceptor utility vehicle features Ford’s exclusive
Safety Canopy® side-curtain airbag rollover protection system that
helps protect passengers in both rollover and side-impact crashes. The
multiple side-curtain airbags use Ford’s unique roll-fold technology to
help position them between the occupant and the side window.
Staying in control
Unique to the utility vehicle is Ford’s state-of-the-art curve control
technology, designed to help drivers maintain control of their vehicles
when taking curves at high speeds. Curve control senses when a vehicle
is entering a curve too quickly, and can apply four-wheel smart
braking to reduce vehicle speed by up to 10 mph in approximately one
second and help drivers follow their intended path.
Rigorously tested, police-tuned
Just like its sedan partner, Ford’s Police Interceptor utility vehicle
has been put through its paces, undergoing a battery of torture tests
to ensure its individual components can hold up to rigorous driving.
Certification testing designed by the Michigan State Police and the Los
Angeles Sheriff’s Department proved out the durability and capability
of the vehicle through a variety of punishing tracks.
To make sure the utility vehicle can take the heat – quite literally
– the AWD drivetrain is equipped with a water-cooled power transfer
unit that guarantees capability in all conditions. Across the board,
brakes have been increased in size and performance, and the cooling
package features a heavy-duty alternator and larger radiator. Standard
18-inch wheels are vented, designed to work in concert with the
enhanced brake system.
Even so, the utility vehicle is light, precise and easy to handle.
“Officers won’t need any special training to drive this,” said Carl
Widmann, vehicle engineering manager. “The advanced technologies and
similar driving dynamics of Ford’s new Police Interceptors provide
officers the flexibility, convenience and ease of driving utility or
sedan police vehicles.”
Functional, inside and out
Inside, the functionality continues, with the vehicle’s interior
package uniquely designed for the needs of police, maximizing officer
comfort and cargo capacity. The front seats are designed with a lower
bolster to accommodate utility belts, and just like the sedan, Ford’s
Police Interceptor utility offers a column shift, designed to leave the
console area free for the ever-increasing amounts of equipment
necessary for officers to do their jobs.
The second row features a vinyl, easy-to-clean bench seat that folds
flat for versatility. Because police require a lot of gear, additional
space in the utility provides plenty of room for K-9 officers and SWAT
operations, including room for the full-size spare tire to be stored
safely under the cargo area.
The new utility vehicle also features:

  • Ford SYNC®: The Ford-exclusive,
    hands-free information system provides officers the ability to operate
    their various communication and audio equipment by voice control.
  • BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System): The
    system uses two radar sensors located in the rear quarter panels
    to detect vehicles in the surrounding lanes. If a vehicle enters
    the driver’s blind spot zones, the system alerts the driver with a
    warning light in the sideview mirror.
  • Cross-traffic alert: This system uses the
    existing BLIS radar modules to sense oncoming traffic when slowly
    backing out of a parking spot. This industry-exclusive system
    functions only while the vehicle is in reverse and warns when
    cross traffic appears within three car-widths.
  • Rear view camera: When the vehicle is in rear
    camera mode, a color image with guidance markers on the rearview
    mirror will assist the driver in backing up.
  • Reverse Sensing System: An audible tone will alert the driver to certain objects up to 6 feet behind the vehicle.
  • Remappable steering wheel controls: Helping
    officers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel,
    remappable steering wheel controls offer the police the
    flexibility to work specifically with police aftermarket equipment
    to customize voice-controlled lights and sirens at the push of a
  • Standard AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Roll Stability Control™): This
    system helps maintain the intended path by measuring side-to-side
    yaw, or skidding, by the vehicle’s speed, throttle position and
    steering wheel angle. When wheel slip is sensed, AdvanceTrac
    reduces engine torque and applies selected brakes.
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Both Ford Police Interceptors will be manufactured at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant.

Source: Ford