Few European customers of the current generation Ford Mondeo know that its American brother, the Fusion, comes with a powerful V6 engine. The unit produces 325 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque, and there are styling upgrades inside and out. 

To take proper use of those 325 hp, Ford is using a simple buton that can transform the car. The Sport button can radically change the behavior of the car.

There are seven ways the Fusion V6 changes its behavior when you touch the Sport button:

– Handling: Increases stiffness of the continuously controlled dampers compared to the normal tuning.
– Powertrain sound: In-cabin noise cancellation is tuned to provide an in-cabin engine note
– Steering: Tuning for electric power-assisted steering
– Transmission: Aggressive transmission programming selects lower gears resulting in higher available torque and responsiveness. Gears are held through turns to maximize cornering performance. When stepping off the accelerator, the gear is held to maximize engine braking performance.
– Engine: Electronic throttle programming revised for responsive feel
– Paddle shifters: Shifters behind steering wheel become fully enabled – allowing for complete control of transmission for spirited driving
– Cluster: Sport mode icon appears in the cluster.