Ford will attend this year 2015 CES to unveil the Life360 app, ready to be introduced on future Ford models equipped with a multimedia system. The app helps families to stay connected to each other and to friends, even when they’re on the go and miles apart.
The 360Life offers Drive Mode, a new capability that helps drivers stay focused on the road by alerting their family and friends not to text when they are driving.
The AppLink-enabled Life360 app goes to work when the driver connects his or her smartphone to Ford SYNC via Bluetooth. The connection tells the app when the smartphone is in the car, which prompts the Drive Mode feature to send a message to everyone in the driver’s Life360 circle suggesting they not to text the driver. 
Along the new Life360 app, Ford will also introduce the AccuWeather for Ford SYNC AppLink created to help drivers plan and time their trips around weather conditions, and gives advance warning of inclement weather. The technology uses an exact street address or GPS location to provide minute-by-minute weather forecasting, information about precipitation type, intensity and duration to the driver.
By selecting MinuteCast on the vehicle display menu, the driver will see a static image of the weather condition he or she will soon face, and the time the precipitation is expected to happen on the route. An audio warning will also be delivered. The service is available for a growing list of countries worldwide including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Japan.