Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has released the five-year plan and things are getting better for the italian-american brand. According to the press release, FCA will focus on electrifying the range for all its brands and on ditching diesel engines. 

More than that, all FCA’s brands will be on the market with 26 new models in the next five years. Alfa Romeo will launch a Giulietta facelift, a C-segment Crossover wich will sit underneath the current Stelvio, a Giulia facelift and a Giulia long-wheelbase, a Stelvio facelift and a Stelvio long-wheelbase in 2022 and an E-Segment crossover. According to some rumors, the latter one will probably be a three row SUV for all big families. But the biggest surprise in the Alfa Romeo GTV which will be able to deliver about 600 horsepower thanks to an electric boost. If you are still in love with Alfa than you have to know that in the newxt five years you will see a new 8C sports car. It will have a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a twin-turbo mid-engine, an electrified front axle and more than 700 horsepower.

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Fiat will launch in the next five years a new electric 500 and an electric wagon of the 500 which will be named Giardiniera. 

Jeep is also looking into the future with an A/B-Segment mystery model that might be an SUV. Renegade will get a new generation, Compass will get a facelift while Cherokee will get a completly new face. On Jeep everything is about off-road and a three-row D-Segment SUV is also on the plans. FCA also promises a Wrangler-based Scrambler pickup and a Grand Cherokee two-row SUV. Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are on the list alongside an new E-Segment three-row SUV. 

Maserati is big in Italy but the brand needs a new SUV. And this is why in the next five years you will see a D-Segment SUV signed by Maserati. Levante, the first Maserati SUV will get a facelift by 2022 and the same receipe will be applied to the Ghibli. Quattroporte will get a new generation while a new ALfieri and Alfieri Convertible models are on the list. 

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Ram will be with us for another five year. The US-based truck manufacturer will release by 2022 the 1500 TRX, a new midsize truck, a new generation 2500/3500 and a new ProMaster City cargo van.