A few months ago, Infiniti unveiled the Project Black S coupe and every petrolhead is waiting to get the a production version of the car that uses a F1 hybrid powertrain. 

But every car manufacturer knows that today the SUVs and the crossovers are bringing good money. This is why, the Japanese car manfuacturer decided to bring this year at the Detroit Motor Show a new crossover. 

We won’t see a production ready car. We will see a concept car that will be powered by an all electric powertrain. We don’t have the name of the new crossover concept and also we do not know any performance details. 

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As you may have remember, Infiniti told us a few months ago that by 2025 the company aims to sell 50% of its new cars with some sort of electrification powertrains (electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid). And this new crossover is part of that plan.