The first generation of the Fiat Panda was a real success, the current Panda is having problems in Europe. The small car is not doing so well with sales below expected targets for the year.
To fix this and adjust production plans, Fiat is going to stop functioning below the intended capacity. As the workforce will not be reduced, Fiat was forced to suspend the production in Pomigliano plant located near Naples where the Panda is produced.
Fiat uses state-backed temporary layoffs to avoid overproduction when demand is low.  “Some 1,950 of the plant’s 4,500 workers have already been on so-called solidarity contracts since March, under which they agree to work less and are also paid less in exchange for workers retaining their jobs.”
Current Fiat Panda production will be suspended between 16 to 27 October. The workers will be reinstated that are on the various layoff schemes. The current Panda shares its platform with the 500 and is using same line of engines.

Source: Reuters