The first Panda, one of the most important models for Fiat was introduced 30 years ago in 1980, and to celebrate this event the Italian automaker has launched the Anniversary edition which is based on the Active 1.1 version.
The Fiat Panda Anniversary edition comes with ‘black jeans’ fabric for the interior, feature available so far only in the Panda 4×4 Glam, the ‘liner’ application for the centre and rear pillars plus three new body colours (White, Red and Yellow Bold Optimistic).
Over the years the company has sold over 6 million Fiat Panda models, with a 18 percent share in Europe in the supermini segment in June and the car is available in both two-wheel drive or 4×4 configurations, with power extracted from gasoline, diesel, LPG and CNG engines.
The Fiat Panda Anniversary price is the same as for the Active version, meaning 9,950 Euros.

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Source: Fiat