We all know that cabrio SUVs have been a failiure since the begining. Not any one of them have managed to get throught, so we don’t know why the car manufacturers are going on with this ideea.

According to a recent report, the guys from Fiat are planning a 500X cabrio versions. This new model was announced internally by Fiat during a meeting with the suppliers. Also, these days, the Automotive News Europe has learned from a company official that the 500X cabrio model will come this year.

The same sources said that the model will go on with the same treatment as the 500C, which means that the model will retian the crossover’s door frames and the entire bodyside.

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According to Automotive News the new 500X will be assambled alongside the Jeep Compass and Renegade with their 4xe plug-in hybrid derivatives.

We don’t know if Fiat will soon come with an electric or fully hybrid version of the 500X, but we don know that the SUV will feature a mild-hybrid variant later this year.