Fiat has an important reason to celebrate during this year Geneva Motor Show. On this occasion Fiat will present here its new 500 “120th” family. Available on 500, 500X and 500L, the new range celebrates Fiat’s 120th birthday, a milestone that very few car manufacturers around the world have reached.

Geneva will host the world preview of the new celebratory range: 500X “120th” 1.0 FireFly Turbo with 120hp, 500 “120th” 0.9 Twin Air with 85hp and 500L “120th” 1.3 Multijet with 95hp. All three vehicles sport a sophisticated two-colour Tuxedo livery (black and white), an all-new feature for 500X.

The Tuxedo livery is accessorised with an exclusive matching key cover, copper-coloured details and elegant interior upholstery. The family also bear a special Fiat logo, with celebratory “120th” wording combined with the well-known connectivity or streaming symbol.

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The new 500 “120th” family offers Uconnect 7-inch HD LIVE touchscreen, which is Apple CarPlay ready and Android Auto compatible as standard. Apple CarPlay lets drivers control their iPhone® using the Uconnect touchscreen, enabling drivers access to Apple Maps, Apple Music, send and receive messages, make phone calls and more through Siri or the 7-inch touchscreen. Android Auto integrates an Android phone with the Uconnect® touchscreen to make it easy for the user to benefit from full connectivity while safely keeping their hands on the wheel.