The first official trailer with Fast and Furious 5, which will be shortly called Fast 5 has hit the web, and even though you might think this new installment will be the same thing as before with different cars, this short clip has actually made us want to see it.
The Fast and Furious 5 will start rolling in theaters from April 29, 2011, and as the trailer shows, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are back as the main characters, with the rest of their crew formed by Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges (Ludacris) and Sung Kang.
The Fast and Furious 5 trailer video also shows Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock playing the role of federal agent Luke Hobbs, and the action takes place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where the crew has to complete on last job.
Watch the Fast and Furious 5 trailer video after the jump.

Fast and Furious 5 trailer video :

Source: YouTube