We are used to see electric cars recently launched by car manufacturers. But we are not used to see classic cars that run just on energy. Pioneering classic car electrification company Electrogenic is announcing today that it is electrifying the iconic Jaguar E-type, ahead of the London Classic Car Show where the car will be on display for the first time.

The Oxford-based leader in classic car EV technology now offers E-type customers a choice of three advanced zero-emission powertrains to provide different driving experiences and levels of performance. Described by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever made”, the Jaguar E-type also celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Electrogenic is offering a suite of E-type conversion options, which start with a ‘Tourer’ conversion. This option has a lower-than-original kerb weight, enabling nimble cornering and a lively balance between handling and range. The electric powertrain gives the car a maximum speed of approximately 100mph, through the car’s original gearbox to retain the feel of ‘classic’ driving.

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Customers can also choose a ‘Sprint’ conversion, with a near-original kerb weight and a powertrain producing 470Nm of torque delivered through the car’s original gearbox. This conversion exceeds the original quoted E-type performance figures, and the additional weight is kept low in the chassis for optimal balance and handling. To cope with the additional torque, owners are also encouraged to upgrade the brakes and suspension beyond the standard E-type specifications.

Electrogenic also offers a high-performance ‘Grand Tourer’ conversion for a totally re-imagined E-type driving experience. This option removes the original gearbox, updating the power delivery and drivetrain to that of a more modern vehicle. In ‘Grand Tourer’ specification, the electric powertrain delivers 300kW, and 600Nm of torque, for high performance. This is combined with the ease of use of a modern EV – no gears to think about, and super-fast charging – while still maintaining the E-type’s timeless appearance.

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The Tourer and Sprint options offer an approximate all-electric range of 150 miles, with one or two optional range-extenders that will add approximately 50 miles of additional range each. The Grand Tourer option offers a single range extension that extends the range on a single charge to 250 miles. Prices for the conversion, which require a donor car to be provided, start from £54,000 for the ‘Tourer’, £62,000 for the ‘Sprint’ and £80,000 for the ‘Grand Tourer’, exclusive of VAT. The final price will depend on the customer’s desired specification, as each car is bespoke and tailored to their exact requirements.

All Electrogenic E-type conversions retain the character of the original car. The interior maintains the car’s original dashboard, with switches and dials repurposed where appropriate: for example the fuel gauge will display the state of charge. The new equipment is designed to be integrated using the existing engine mounts, with no modification to the vehicle’s bodywork, making the conversion fully reversible if required.