With supermini style and space for city car money, Dacia’s Sandero is already proving a smash hit in the UK, having found homes for 4,000 already. Jaw-dropping prices from only £5,995 probably have a lot to do with it.

But, a “shockingly affordable” price tag is one thing, the question on many peoples’ lips recently has been how much one’ll be worth in a few years time. Well, now we have the answer.

CAP, has confirmed that over a three year period and 60,000 miles the Access 1.2 16V will only lose £3,615 of its smart-buy retail price of £5,995. Even the top-sec Laureate with the same engine only loses a further £1,400, making it thousands of pounds less than its rivals to boot.

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The new figures make the idea of owning one even more appealing than it was already. And they shatter any illusion that one of the newest superminis on the block might not stack up financially after the shine of its alluring showroom price tag has faded.

The 1.2 Laureate, is forecast to be worth an impressive 36% after three years – a stonking 6% more than Skoda’s Fabia 1.2 12V SE , and a whopping 8% more than a Suzuki Swift SZ3 1.2.