Cupra is one of the youngest automotive brands on the market. Even so, the Spanish brand is celebrating its third anniversary with an important announcement. CUPRA is charging into a new era of transformation that perfectly combines electrification and performance, starting with plug-in hybrid variants of existing models and continues with its first ever all-electric model, the CUPRA Born. This is the name for the first electric car of the company.

Since its creation in 2018, CUPRA has exceeded all expectations by selling 65,000 units and growing at a double-digit rate. Following the launch of a new product range, CUPRA has accelerated its growth and in January 2021 became the fastest growing brand as well as achieved its second consecutive monthly sales record.

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This success was driven by the introduction the Formentor, the first vehicle designed by CUPRA, for CUPRA. Today the line-up was expanded with a new five-cylinder petrol engine, the CUPRA Formentor VZ5, a limited edition model with 390PS of which 7,000 units will be produced (all left hand drive).

Electrification will be the key to CUPRA’s growth in 2021. During the press conference it was confirmed that the production model of CUPRA’s first all-electric model would be CUPRA Born. The name comes from the fashionable Barcelona district that inspired its creation and is set to continue the company’s transformation.