s Toyota and Subaru decided to go on with the same modest 2.0 liter 200 hp boxer engine, Cosworth decided to introduce new packages for the two coupes and also for the Scion FR-S variant, sold in the United States.
The first package, called Stage 1, has an optimized ECU, a new stainless steel sport exhaust system and cand deliver 23 hp more than the standard version. For those who order also an optional front pipe with a spherical resonator, the total output can reach 225 hp. And last, but not least, Cosworth can equip the car with a performance manifold, ready to lift the power up to 230 hp.
As this is just some small performance for those expecting hundreds of horse power under the hood, Cosworth promises to introduce further improvements in the next months. These will lift the power to 325 or 380 hp, a lot more to play with. In those stages, the car will feature race track configuration.