The Russian tuning firm Truck Garage has decided to put some more power in the classic GAZ 69. The guys are set in St. Petersburg and they want to transform 12 units of the “mountain goat” into V8 beasts with different styling modifications.

For now they have managed to do only one car. Under the bonnet of the pictured GAZ 69 is a V8 Hemi 6.4 liter engine rated at 465 horsepower. All the power is sent to the wheels via an all-wheel drive system and an automatic transmission. 

More than that, the classic car has received adjustable coilovers, ARB rear differential, Teraflex disc brakes for all four wheels, and 17-inch alloy wheels with 35-inch off-road tires. 

Inside the cabin you will find some cool gadgets like electric-adjustable seats and retro-looking audio system that can be connected via Bluetooth. 

For the upcoming vehicles, the guys from Truck Garage want to offer a 5.7 or a 6.1 engine with similar technical upgrades.

Source: Truck Garage