Here are some fresh leaked photos showing the Citroen DS5 interior. We
are already familiar to what the car looks like from the outside, as
we’ve seen it during its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show a couple of
months back, so it is now interesting to also see the kind of effort the
French have put into designing its interior in order to make sure this
will be one of the most luxurious five-door hatches on the market.
of the most striking elements inside the cabin include the leather
seats which feature unique ‘wrist-watch / bracelet stitching’, and the
new center console that combines leather, wood and aluminium and which
somehow resembles the one in the Porsche Panamera.   
As the photos show, the new DS5 will also come with a fairly
large display as part of the navigation and infotainment system, as well
as will rather asymmetrical looking dials, a flat bottom steering wheel,
and an overall sporty look that might actually be more than what the
car will return in terms of performance.
An speaking of that, the
Citroen DS5 version shown in Shanghai back in April was using a hybrid
powertrain consisting of a 2.0-litre diesel rated at 120 kW plus an
electric motor which delivered an additional 27 kW, and we expect the
same configuration to be offered on the prodution model.

Source: L'Automobile