Fuel efficiency and performance are terms that most of the time do not go well in the same sentence. As you know there are models that are trying to achieve both, like the Citroen DS3 or the Honda CRZ, and in this next video the crew from FifthGear is trying to find out which of the two is faster on a track.
The Citroen DS3 packs 110 horsepower and is able to sprint from nought to 62 mph (100 Km/h) in 9.8 seconds, while the Honda CRZ has a few more horses, 112 HP to be exact and a 14 HP electrical motor , but its a little slower when accelerating from 0 to 62 mph, as it needs 10.1 seconds.
Even though it has less power, Citroen’s ‘old school’ technology proved more efficient, and also faster around the track, as it crossed the finish line 1 second ahead of the Honda CRZ. 
Watch the Citroen DS3 vs the Honda CRZ in the video below the jump.

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Citroen DS3 vs Honda CRZ video :

Source: FifthGear via YouTube