Because the current Spark EV was not even close to a commercial success, Chevrolet decided to lower its price in the US. According to a recent press release, the Chevrolet Spark EV starts at $25,995 USD.
Depending on an individual’s tax situation, the Spark EV is eligible for Federal Tax Credit up to $7,500. After full Federal and State Tax Credits and Chevrolet Bonus Cash, the Spark EV could be as low as $14,995.
Compared to the average new gas-powered vehicle, the Spark EV can save drivers, on average, about $83 per month in fuel costs according to EPA assessments based on 24 mpg highway for an average vehicle and 12 cents per kWh of electricity cost. 
More than that, the vehicle’s 19 kWh lithium-ion battery pack offers limited warranty protection of eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.
Currently available at select Chevrolet dealers throughout California and Oregon, select Chevrolet dealers in Maryland will have Spark EV’s available beginning in mid-2015.
Also, according to GM, more than 90 percent of Spark EV owners are trading in a non-GM nameplate or adding a new car to the household.