We’ve seen their custom version based on the hard top version, so now the German tuner, Carlsson introduces a new package, this time based on the 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio.

Starting with the visual enhancements the Carlsson 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio features new front and rear spoilers with a carbon fiber lip at the front, 18 or 20 inch, 16 spoke design alloy wheels and a 30 mm lowered suspension.

At the interior the Carlsson 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio comes with aluminium door pins, pedals and footrests, an Alcantara wrapped gear shifter and the tuners logo.

As far as performance the Carlsson 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio features a remapped ECU that enables the V6-Diesel engine from the E 350 CDI to develop 280 HP (206 kW) and 648 Nm of torque instead of 231 HP (170 kW) and 540 Nm.

Prices for each element included in the Carlsson 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio  conversion are specified in the press release below.

Carlsson press release :

* E 350 CDI now has 20 per cent more power
* Aerodynamic package gives a sporty look to the Cabrio
* Cast or forged light metal wheels of up to 20 inches

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The new Cabriolet of the Mercedes-Benz E class has once again set the standards for travelling in elegance, with open canopy. The automobile manufacturer Carlsson has now lent to the open-top four-seater an extra dash of sportiness. With 20 per cent more power, the new aerodynamic package and the fine interiors, Carlsson guarantees agile travelling of the highest level.

The core piece of the sporty conversion is the additional ECU C-Tronic® DIESEL POWER. This plug-and-play solution enhances the performance of the V6-Diesel engine by more than 20 percent, from 231 hp (170 kW) to 280 hp (206 kW). The optimised engine management also has an effect on the maximum torque. Instead of 540 Newton metres, the driver now has 648 Newton metres at his disposal. The ECU CD35 REVO for the Mercedes 350 CDI engines is delivered by Carlsson as a completely retrofittable solution inclusive of all materials for connections and montage, at a total price of just 1784 Euro inclusive of VAT.
The right sound is ensured by the sport end mufflers with the two double-walled stainless steel end tubes, available for a total of 2319 Euro.

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The visual counterpart of this lies in the enhanced sportiness in the new aerodynamic package of Carlsson. The automobile manufacturer based in Merzig, Germany has refined the chassis with its own front spoiler for 594 Euro and the front spoiler lip RS for 629 Euro, which can also be obtained in carbon. The rear spoiler for 475 Euro not only rounds up the heightened dynamic appearance, but also ensures optimised airflow together with the entire aerodynamic package, thereby ensuring better contact with the road.

Besides this, the sports suspension springs for 355 Euro ensure better a contact with the road surface. These lower the Mercedes-Cabriolet 30 millimetres and give rise to a significantly more dynamic response while negotiating curves.

The extensive programme of Carlsson-light alloy wheels are and absolute highlight. Here the palette ranges from the classic sixteen spoke wheel 1/16 in 18 inches through the trendy double coloured design 1/5 REVO to the high end cast wheels 1/10 Ultra Light in 20 inches, which combine low weight with the highest load bearing capacity. Available as a complete wheel set with top brand tyres the packages start from 2712 Euro.

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And Carlsson continues with the sportily elegant finishing in the car interiors. Thus, the automatic gear shift lever in leather and Alcantara (213 Euro) sets a fine accent, like the aluminium door pins (58 Euro), the soft velvet doormats with the Carlsson logo (set available for 154 Euro) and the aluminium pedals together with footrests (282 Euro).

Of course, the Mercedes expert Carlsson delivers all products with certificates by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV), so that these can be entered without any problems in the vehicle documents.
The automobile manufacturer Carlsson has once again managed to give a trendy finish to a Mercedes model, without affecting the luxurious character. After transformation in Merzig, the E-class Cabriolet is resplendent in its glory, full of power, dynamic appearance and enhanced interiors.