According to a recent report, three Cadillac models have some of the longest days-to-turn averages in the United States market. The US-car manufacturer executives already know that the electric ELR is a disappointment and the public report confirms that. 

The website published a 15 cars with the longest "days-to-turn" average (the length of time that new cars sit on dealer lots). Unfortunately, the Cadillac ELR ranks second. 

But the number one is the Honda Insight, a model that was discontinued in mid-2014. According to that report, the Insight has a 2311,7 average days to turn while the ELR is at 208,6 days to turn. On the last podium position is the Dodge Avenger with 194,4 days to turn. 

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Unfortunately for Cadillac, the ATS on the fourth position of this top with 153,3 days to turn. Another important model for Cadillac is the CTS which scored the eight place with 141,3 days to turn. 

Those are not good news for Cadillac and the executives must do something or the company will be bad ranked. 

Source: wallst