The following video is the first review so far of the new 1.4 million Euros Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. It was done by the guys from Car Magazine and offers driving scenes taken around the French Riviera including sound produced by the 8.0 litre 16 cylinders monster packing 987 horsepower. Comparing to the hard-top version, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport can only achieve the maximum top speed of 407 Km/h only with its top on, otherwise it will "only" go as fast as 360 Km/h.
The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was officially unveied at the Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance in 2008 and only a limited edition of 150 units will be produced.
Wach the first Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport review video after the jump.

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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport first review video :

Source: Car Magazine via YouTube