Brexit is Brexit, mate! We knew that car manufacturers who have factories in UK will suffer after Brexit, but this is for the first time when a big manufacturer like Bentley comes on the ramp. 

According to Wolfgang Durheimer, Bentley chief executive, the company could move production from UK if required. As you already know the British car manufacturer is established in Crewe, a small town in heart of England. 

“I have about nine to 12 months where I can wait and see what’s going to happen and then I need to take serious decisions. It’s all connected to future models. This gives us a bit of breathing space, and also the government, but then I need to have clear commitments”, said Wolfgang Durheimer. 

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Every car manufacturer established in Brittan is concerned. 

“It’s the Britishness that makes us very unique but we know from… different car brands that this business is a very international one and before we would not produce any Bentleys anymore, we would produce them somewhere else”, added Durheimer.