Brembo is one the most popular brand dedicated to braking. And now is preparing to offer the producers a futuristic alternative.

Brembo today introduced SENSIFY, a new pioneering intelligent braking system that integrates the most advanced software based on artificial intelligence with the Company’s world-renowned brake components.

SENSIFY combines the current Brembo product portfolio of calipers, discs and friction materials with digital technology and artificial intelligence to create a flexible and revolutionary platform that includes software, predictive algorithms and data management to control the brake system digitally.

With SENSIFY the braking system is no longer simply a sum of its parts but an ecosystem, where artificial intelligence and software play an active role. Data collection is leveraged to improve the driver experience and allows the system to be constantly updated.

SENSIFY comes from the merge of two words: SENSE that is a faculty by which a human perceives an external signal, stimulus and SIMPLIFY which means simplicity in installing at best the product in harmony with the vehicle.

Hence, SENSIFY constantly delivers the best of two worlds: driving pleasure and total safety. It is intuitive, responsive and smooth; it delivers the driver the expected performance when needed, combined with exceptional control.

SENSIFY has evolved naturally from Brembo’s heritage and know-how. It combines the design of the best braking components with the integration of a digital brain and sensors that control each wheel independently. The result is more precise car handling, increased performance and confidence: a unique driving experience.

SENSIFY is also a more sustainable braking solution. Thanks to the optimized braking action on each wheel combined with the absence of drag between pads and discs, emissions are minimized.

SENSIFY is expected to be on the market from beginning 2024.